FAQs About WW Points Values on the Hungry Girl Website

All Points® values are calculated by Hungry Girl and are not an endorsement or approval of the product, recipe, or its manufacturer or developer by WW International, Inc., the owner of the Points® trademarks. 

For more about Points® and the WW program, visit WW.com.

Why do some recipes on your website show a link to Points® values, while others do not?

In November 2022, WW launched its new Points® plan, replacing previous plans like PersonalPoints™ and SmartPoints™. We’ve updated many of our recipes to include links to the newest plan’s values, however some of the older recipes have not yet been updated.

All recipes that are sent out in the Hungry Girl daily emails will include links to the current Points® values. To sign up for the daily emails and receive the latest recipes, click here.

Why is that when I click to access the WW Points® value for a recipe, I’m told to download the WW app?

In April of 2024, WW removed certain features from its website, including the ability to track Points® and access recipes in the Recipe Builder. To get the WW Points® value on your phone, download the WW app from the App Store on iOS or the Google Play Store on Android. Then click on the “Click for WW Points® value*” within the recipe on the Hungry Girl website to bring up the recipe in the app. Click “Track” to see the points value! Additionally, newer versions of Macbook computers (M1, M2, and M3) as well as Chromebook computers can run the app: If you have one of these computers, simply download the app from the App store or the Play store to your computer.

And remember… Each new recipes in the Hungry Girl daily emails includes the WW Points® value; no clicking needed. Sign up here!

Why do I sometimes get a different value when I plug your recipe’s nutritional info into the WW calculator?

We follow the same method as WW: using the brand's recipe builder as opposed to the food calculator. Many foods have a value of zero and remain zero in recipes. Recipe values are determined by adding up the values of the individual ingredients, with some exceptions.

When it comes to recipes, why is there a link to Points® values? Why aren’t the values included with the recipes?

Because the WW plan changes from time to time, including a link to the official WW Points® value ensures you receive the most accurate information at that time. Hungry Girl daily emails include the current WW Points® values for recipes, as we’re able to ensure they’re accurate at the date they’re sent out.

Why don’t the links to WW Points® values work for me in Canada?

We use the United States version of the WW website to calculate point values. Unfortunately, this may not work for those with WW accounts outside the United States.

We may receive affiliate compensation from some of these links. Prices and availability are subject to change.

We may have received free samples of food, which in no way influences whether these products are reviewed favorably, unfavorably, mentioned with indifference, or mentioned at all. Click for more about our editorial and advertising policies.

*The WW Points® values for these products and/or recipes were calculated by Hungry Girl and are not an endorsement or approval of the product, recipe or its manufacturer or developer by WW International, Inc., the owner of the Points® trademark.

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